Live Show Visuals.

Our friends from Wove Collective invited us to direct and produce 5 of Orelsan’s last live show scenes. Shot on green screen & studio, the project consists of 20+ apartment scenes, close-up of rain, fluorescent backgrounds featuring famous french artist Maître Gims…

OrelSan is one of the most influential french rappers of the last years. Visuals have been used for his show in the biggest concert halls of France. This show has been awarded as best show of the year at “Victoire de la musique 2019”.

Track: La Pluie (ft. Stromae) The raindrops are becoming a powerful waterfall submerging the stage.
Track: Christophe (ft. Maître Gims) Epileptical apparition of Maître Gims during the show.
Track: J’essaye J’essaye (ft. Jeanine) Orelsan’s Grandmother speaks to the crowd.
Track: Raelsan

Commisioned by ORELSAN & ASTERIOS

Art Direction W O V E

Film direction SOS IN Bel Air

Film production SOS IN Bel Air

D.O.P Mathilde Blesch

Styling Avnier + Eliza Ingrassia

Freelance producer Audrey Rouzies

Location PARIS

Photography by Sophie Brasey


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