An inspiring series of portraits.

We believe happiness is communicative and created Happy people are Happy in order to share it. For 4 months, we travelled worldwide, searching for people who spread happiness around them. The documentary series explores the universality of this feeling, through the incredible characters we met.

Each episode is unique and structured around one narrative storytelling from the character where two visual universes are entangled: The character’s environment, and our own interpretation of their ideas through visual and artistic installations. Musical themes are illustrating their feelings and range from classical to electronic music.

This project has been made possible thanks to the amazing help of many backers, We’ll never thank them enough for their support!



Archie grew up in Brownsville, a New York City neighbourhood where even the police don’t dare to go. Just like many in his position, he was about to live a thug’s life… Until the day he came across a Velasquez painting. From then, everything changed and Archie experienced a kind of happiness he never knew before. He now owns a gallery and dedicates his life to art and culture.

Mio lives in Tokyo. Every morning, she talks to her flowers and reminds them how beautiful they grow. After loosing her dearest uncle, she realized how much love and joy she could get out of friendship. From then, she understood that her happiness depended on her environment and the people around them. Since then, she spreads happiness and joy to her beloved ones.


Dashka is a Mongolian driver. He travels through Mongolia’s immense landscapes behind the wheel of an old blue soviet SUV filled with passengers and a painting kit. As soon as he gets the chance, he stops and starts painting the details around him.

Edmund and Richard are cousins. They own a carwash in Moshi, Tanzania. Life hasn’t always been so simple for them. A few years back, they were sent deep down underground in the darkness of blue diamond mines. Today they find pure happiness in gazing at the bright light shining over their cleaned motorbikes.

SOS IN Bel Air

Initiated with
Yacine Remini

Yacine Remini

Music by
Yaroslav, Lullatone, Island Kizhi… 

Helena Pokorny

Production Assistant
Ghislain Vidal-Giraud


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