Russian dolls content.

With sales flat and little innovation in the frozen novelty ice cream category, mochi ice cream is the exception, increasing by 123% last year. In just six months, My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream with its fresh approach to marketing has taken ownership of 70% of the mochi market.

Here is the last project we’ve been working on:

And the first campaign we created together:

We have created 6 hero videos taking place in playful and refined studio sets. They represent stylised real life” locations where unexpected stories happen.

6 films working like Russian dolls:

6 central hero films adaptable to stills, shorter cut downs, gifs, boomerangs and cinemagraphs, eventually enhanced with motion design to make it impactful without sound for social networks.

With only 1 month from the brief to the first cut, including 5 shoot days, we managed to deliver high-quality content thanks to our flexible organisation.  Shot in 8K with one of the first EPIC-W & Celere HS 18.5mm.

We took possession of two old school gymnasiums to create a 2 floors set. Our client flew from L.A. to join the fun. 

Commisioned by
My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream

Creative Direction
SOS IN Bel Air

SOS IN Bel Air

SOS IN Bel Air

Set Design
SOS IN Bel Air

1st A.D
Mattia Reiniger

Maria Dagher

BTS Photographer
Cristiano Luliano

London & Los Angeles


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